How do choose a good coupling to parts of your industry

How do choose a good coupling to parts of your industry. Clutch is a tool that is used to connect two shafts on the 2nd end with the intent to transmit mechanical power. Clutch generally do not allow cleavage of the two shaft during operation, but now there is a clutch that has a torque that is restricted to be a slip or disconnected when the torque limit passed.
Coupling two rotating shafts

The main intent of the clutch which makes the two sides can rotate. With determination, installation, and careful maintenance, performance can be optimal coupling, power loss can be minimal, as well as maintenance costs can be minimized.

Coupling is used in machining for various purpose:

To connect the two units of the shaft which is made by way of a separate, sort of the motor shaft to the wheel with the engine or generator shaft. Coupling can separate and connect two shafts for repair and replacement of components.
To obtain the mechanical flexibility, especially on the two shafts that do not exist on a single axis.
To reduce shock loads (shock load) from one shaft to another shaft.
To avoid excessive workload.
To reduce the vibration characteristics of the two rotating shafts.

Type Coupling
Rigid couplings
Ie rigid coupling clutch unit that makes the two types of shafts which do not allow the change of the position of the second shaft or loose, intentional or unintentional, when in operation. Rigid coupling is a fitting choice when the 2nd shaft want to be associated with the preparation of a stable position and precision. This coupling is coupling with the use of the highest age along the boundaries of torque, RPM, and the load of the shaft and the clutch is not exceeded atit.
Flexible couplings

Flexible coupling is used when the 2nd shaft there is little change of position by means of axial, radial, angular or when the engine is operating. Most type flexible couplings are:

Clutch CV (constant-velocity)
Disc coupling
Fluid coupling
Clutch gear (gear coupling)
Hirth joint
Rag joint
Universal joint

harga coupling beam, or may even referred to the clutch helix, ie the clutch which delivers power to allow the two shafts with no change of position of the shaft by means of angular, axial, or parallel to the specific limits, while the shaft work. Design of coupling beam is a clutch that has an empty hand over the body in the form of a helical or spiral clutch, to make it flexible.
Gear coupling which is clutch which transmits power to the two shafts that do not exist in a single line. 2nd shaft associated with the third axis in the clutch which is said to be a spindle.

Clutch clutch CV is very possible to transmit power on the corner of diverse and at a constant rotational speed. This type of coupling is commonly used in front wheel drive cars and all-wheel drive.

Universal Joint: type rigid rod-shaped coupling two very possibly the deflection direction of the power transmission resources. Uniersal hinge joint is divided into a pair of adjacent and linked to the cross shaft. Universal joint, although it can transmit power which is not in line, but it has flaws, which can give the output RPM which is not constant even if the input constant RPM. That sort of thing can lead to vibration and wear on engine components

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