Recognize the Symptoms of Heart Disease Early

A heart attack usually occurs which is not unexpected and instantaneous or sudden, but usually there is often a sign before a heart attack, but the pain or symptoms of heart disease often people ignore because the symptoms are similar to other diseases
Doctor Benny Hartono Specialist experts say the heart and blood vessels in the chest pain to shortness of breath likely early symptoms of heart disease.
As usual we go up and down stairs is no problem but this time we just go up two new floors to ache and chest feels there are pressing us, it’s one of the main signs of heart disease, but often little sign of this kind we ignore, as a sign like this lost and embossed with his own yes therefore often overlooked by humans mostly
In other cases said cardiologist and Jetty sedyawan blood vessels, often considered a sign of heart disease colds, according to him, people – people who have a high risk of heart attack to be more vigilant if you experience chest pain, because pain in the chest is one of the characteristic of the symptoms of heart muscle of oxygen deficiency. Abandonment of the symptoms of heart disease has made millions of people died each year.
In most people assume the chest pain will go away by itself, pain in the heart is very similar to wind pain in the chest, but his difference this happens continuously and not restrained,
There is a pain when it does not follow the above, these numbers occur in people who have diabetes, heart attack and sudden silence can only be detected by routine ECG examination showed a change in the transmission of electricity in the heart.
Usually people who are at risk of having a heart attack are smokers, people with diabetes, those with a family history of heart disease, the elderly, men – men in this case is more often a heart attack than women

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